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Amy Brown

    Fantasy artist, Amy Brown, resides in the Pacific Northwest along with various annoying house goblins and garden trolls. Although she spent countless hours doodling as a child, it wasn’t until her early twenties that she became serious about her art and began to dabble with watercolors. Despite unsolicited advice that she should paint in oils or acrylics because “watercolor artists never become successful”, Amy found that watercolors had a luminous quality that lent a spark of life to the creatures she painted. After her very first faery painting sold only 2 days after it had been displayed in the gallery where she worked, Amy decided to delve deeper into the faery realm. Being a firm believer that “art has no rules”, the expanse of possibilities involved in studying and painting faeries were too fascinating and challenging to ignore. Her art is sometimes whimsical, sometimes humorous, often dark and mysterious. Every image tells its own tale.

    “When asked to explain my work, I often try to remain vague on the specifics. I would much rather the viewer construct their own tale. I want you to look at one of my paintings and think ‘I want to be there’ or ‘I would like to know that creature better’. While I paint I can see the characters moving and talking in my head as if they really exist. They are almost like my companions, each having a different personality, quirks and habits. My hope is that others will view these characters and form a similar bond with them.”

     Almost eighteen years later and over 1500 paintings under her belt, Amy is still exploring the faery realm and immortalizing its inhabitants. They dwell under toadstools in the bottom of the garden, prowl the deepest corners of the forest, and stroll through quiet castle halls. They beckon you to come and visit….rest your weary feet….stay awhile….stay forever. 

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