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Bad-Ass Faeries Reviews



Bad-Ass Faeries












Bad-Ass Faeries 2











Bad-Ass Faeries 3



Bad-Ass Faeries: It's Elemental



The Halfling's Court: A Bad-Ass Faerie Tale









The Redcaps' Queen: A Bad-Ass Faerie Tale






Three Chords of Chaos: A Bad-Ass Faerie Tale

Here are just a choice selection of the reviews the series has received. For a full list of reviews for each title please click on the image.

Bad-Ass Faeries

"[Bad-Ass Faeries] has touched every aspect of human existence and shows true writing excellence from each of these various authors...
These fairies are out of this world.

5 Hearts, Margo Authur, The Romance Studio

"Packed full of mischief, magic and mayhem this anthology
delivers a delight romp through the land of Fae."
4 1/2 Mystique Moons, Sarah Gentili, Mystique Books

"If you like faeries of all types, then this is the anthology for you!
I believe that there is a story here for everyone’s taste
and highly recommend it."

5 Tombstones, Becky, Bitten by Books

"At last a book that gives the real Fairy their moment in the spotlight."
5 Lyres, Recommended Read!,
Penny Ash,
Rites of Romance Reviews

"Bad-Ass Faeries is a gripping anthology full of magic and mayhem, and who better to give it to you than these rotten, sometimes beautiful, sometimes horrifying Faeries? These authors know just what they’re doing and they fully used their magic on me!"
—5 Angels/Recommended Read!, CJ,
Fallen Angel Reviews

Just Plain Bad

At last! More wicked humor and clever writing about my favorite homicidal faeries. No pixie dust and flowers here, this anthology delivers on its title with stories that are Bad in all the right ways.”
5 Moons, Sarah Gentili,
Mystique Books Reviews

"If you like solid urban fantasy or faeries that defy
your wildest expectations, then you don’t want to miss
Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad

4 1/2 Talismans, David Lee Summers,
Tales of the Talisman Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 2

"[Bad-Ass Faeries 2] was as much if not more as enjoyable a read
as its predecessor, and I will enjoy reading any other books that
come across from these authors."
4 3/4 Stars, Top Pick, Zollyanna, Night Owl Reviews

"You’ll wind up with Fae magick pulsing through your veins after reading this wonderful anthology! Bad-Ass Faeries 2 – Just Plain Bad fulfilled its promise! ...a must read for all you Faerie lovers out there!"
5 Angels,
CJ, Fallen Angel Reviews

"The stories just keep getting better and better...
One read and you're hooked. These authors reign supreme!"

5 Stars,
Shannon Raley, Amazon review

In All Their Glory

"These talented authors write passionate stories with adventures,
and heartbreak. It keeps the pages turning."  
5 stars, Heather Kantz, Forever is a Long Time Reviews

"An amazing combination of thems that adhere to certain
basic tenets of faery-lore [...] yet explore a myriad of variations. Particularly enjoyable..."
4 1/4 stars, Elf, Night Owl Reviews

It's Elemental


Pending Publication



The Halfling's Court

"The Halfling Court is a well crafted and thought out book. The characters are immensely likable, and I found myself growing quite fond of them [...] a definite must read."
5 Tombstones,
Bitten By Books Review
"I do not even know where to begin except to say I absolutely
adored this book. I have read a lot of urban fantasy over the
years and this is bar none one of the best books I have had
the pleasure to read in this genre."

5 Cups, Regina, Coffee Time Romance

"Danielle Ackley-McPhail brings us an exciting Bad Ass Faerie tale...
It is one I will be sure to read again."

4 3/4 Stars, Top Pick, Z
ollyanna, Night Owl Reviews

"Danielle Ackley-McPhail is a master story teller. Her knowledge of fairies and the assorted other beings who populate that world is masterful. This book is another one that surpasses all expectations." 
5 Stars, Linda Pierce, Amazon review

The Redcaps' Queen

"Ms. Ackley-McPhail has come back again to the Wild Hunt MC [...] a mix of both mundane and magical people, characters which the author has brought to life stunningly."
4 Stars,
Bibliophilic Book Blog

"An intense story filled with heartbreak and adventure."
L. Jagi Lamplighter, author of the Prospero's Daughter series

"The Redcaps’ Queen" is a suspenseful and richly drawn fantasy as much a tale of the struggle
between loyalty and independence as it is a story about the conflict among hostile factions of the fae vying for the throne. [...] Engaging characters. A great blend of magic, myth, and reality. [...] Well worth reading.
5 Stars,
James Chambers, author of the Corpse Fauna series

Three Chords of Chaos


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